Day #92 – “Wheeeez…”

I sometimes seriously believe that I have asthma.  The heaviness in my chest, difficulty breathing, and the sound of rattling when I breathe out all seem to slightly suggest that maybe, perhaps, could-be I have some sort of respertory condition…possibly.  

I’ve also been dealing with a chest cold for the last week, so…maybe not.  

Six of one – half-a-dozen of the other.  

(I hate that term.  Bad Lee!!)

Day #88 – “Evil is as Evil does”

Evil – true evil – exists.  I’ve seen it repeatedly throughout my lifetime. 

And there are people who are Evil – I’ve met many. 

The scariest thing about evil people (and yes, these people are scary) is their tendency to believe to their bones that THEY are the righteous ones.  The lies they tell are for a righteous purpose, and their evil deeds are justified because they are used/performed to attack their enemies…the unrighteous.  

Others have an ability to hear and see things in twisted ways: acts of kindness by others must have alterior motives; words of love become exclamations of hate; simple becomes extremely complex. 

These people are not human beings; they in no way positively contribute to humanity; they should have no place in civilized society.  They cannot be reformed; they will not change for the better; they can never EVER be trusted. 


Day #87 – “Big Smile!”

Two days ago, I was walking around with family, visiting friends and acquaintances, and popping in and out of shops in Carmel.  Near the end of the day, I went into a restroom; and when I was washing my hands I looked into the mirror.  Only then did I notice a big black smudge across the bridge of my nose. 

How long had it been there?

How many people noticed it and chose not to say anything to me?

I’m at an age where that type of thing doesn’t really bother me anymore, but it did spark curiosity and a question in my mind: what keeps people from communicating this type of thing to each other?

Whether it’s a smudge on the face or a chive visibly stuck in our teen or our fly being down, what social anomaly exists that restrains people from bringing these issues to our attention, quietly, simply?

Part of me thinks it’s an “American Thing”.  When I was in Germany and Korea and Japan, this was never an issue, especially in Asia.  There’s a Group mentality and priority there.  While in America, we foster an individualistic, each-for-ourselves mindset. 

This might be worth deeper study. 

Day #86 – “A mystery wrapped an enigma…”

Many of life’s toughest challenges have no easy, clear cut solutions.  There is no visible light at the end of the tunnel.  All we can do is the best we can, day-to-day, sometimes minute-to-minute, and keep moving forward.   Often, when we think we’re at the end of our ability, the faintest light appears in the distance.  That’s when we discover our ability to be extraordinary.