Day Omega / Alpha…

I started this daily blog for two main reasons: First, to get myself into the habit of writing daily in order to regularly work on my skills.  And Second: To get back to writing thoughts, advice, etc to my kids – an extension of the book I had started a very long time ago. 

I’ve done a great job of maintaining my daily regime, and (after re-reading them) I think that many of them were quality entries for my kids.  But, in hindsight, much of it is crap.  

So, I’m freeing myself from the obligation to plug in an entry here daily, and will now concentrate on writing longer chapter-length entries of much higher quality.  


Day #117(21) – “The countdown…”

I’m doing two countdowns at the moment: The longer-term = The countdown to my daughter’s wedding / the beginning of her new life away from home. This occurs in August of next year.  I can’t do an accurate daily countdown yet because they haven’t firmed-up The Date yet.   The second is much more immediate = The countdown to my son leaving home again to rejoin his wife and daughter in California. 

In short – This time next year, only my wife and I will be left in our home. 

The father in me dreads this image. The husband in me relishes it. 

Is that mean?

Day #116(20) – “Thanksgiving – Part 1”

Thanksgiving has  been a total family day for my family ever since our first child was born.  No matter what was going on in the world or in our lives, that was the one day we were all together, at least for that day.  Then, of course, our kids grow up and it gets tougher to be all together on that day. 

This year, it’s almost impossible for us to be together on the traditional Thanksgiving day, so we decided to make our own day. 

So this year, October 24th is our Family Thanksgiving Day. We are turkey and stuffing and all the fixings, and we sat together and watched a movie (Jurassic World). 

Perhaps, going forward, we need to make Family Thanksgiving Day whatever day we can all be together. 


Day #115(19) – “Home sweet Home?”

I’ve lived in the same house for 21 years.  Our kids spent most of their lives there.  My in-laws lived with us there until their passing.  It’s the home I dreamed about ever since I was a little kid – I’ve always dreamed of living on a hill overlooking the world.  I’ve collected a substantial library there.  I can walk every inch of that house in pitch blackness and not stub my toes.  I know every creak and groan and pop it makes.  That house is truly home. 

And, this time next year, my wife and I will be the only ones living in it. 

Do we stay?

Day #113(17) – “Like a bad rumor…”

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly illness will migrate through our home.  Normally, since my daughter works with children daily, she is the one to usually bring a cold or flu or other bug into the home. Then, it’s the wife who will get it next.  At this point, I’m surrounded, and the likelihood is high that I’ll be the next to fall. 

But often, it doesn’t end here. 

By the time I get “It”, my daughter is near-healthy and my wife has hit bottom and has begun to recover. That’s the time that my daughter will relapse, and the cycle starts all over.  

Constant hand-washing and attention to cleanliness and promoting a level of distance does little or no good.  The Cycle persists. 

Should I build a Quarantine Room? Perhaps fill it with books and games and cable and wifi and a stocked fridge and functioning microwave?  Then, on Day One I could deposit Patient Zero there?

Hmm.  Worth considering.