Getting old (8/31/16)

Last night, Josh and Irma FaceTimed with me. Made me very happy to see their faces.

They started showing me some balloons that – they say – they got at the doctor’s office.   Very pretty.  Then they showed me a balloon that looked like a baby.  Still clueless.  It wasn’t until Josh said that they got the balloons after Irma got test results – only then did it click in my brain:

Irma is pregnant.

Wow!  Am I that old?  Or am I that thick?

In any case…

New grand baby on the way.

So happy.

Farther (Further?) to go than I thought (8/28/16)

There’s a common question that is asked of people regarding “Legacy”:  “When you die, what’s the number one thing you want to be remembered for?”

The question forces the subject to decide the most important aspect of their life while they’re still living it. 

For me, this has long been a very easy question to answer.  A no-brainier. 

When I die, if I had lived my life in a manner that earned the respect and love of my family, then that would have been a life well-lived. 

And, until recently, I believed that I was living such a life. 

But my resolve was seriously shaken by my son earlier this month. 

So… it looks like I have much more work to do than I previously thought.