Settling in… maybe. (10/3/16)

Mom’s been gone about 6 weeks and she’s finally gotten to the stage where she’s not texting and calling daily to complain about the heat or the cleaning or money or… whatever.  She’s finally taking the advice I repeatedly give her and she’s site-seeing and working out and exploring her neighborhood and – quite simply – focusing on positive activities.

That said, she’ll be back in Nebraska on Sunday the 9th.  I don’t know what her plans are… or if she even has a plan.

For my part:  I’ve finally settling in to my new existence – my solitude – and actually enjoying it.

Donday – You’ll be here in two days and I am SO looking forward to spending time with you, even if it’s simply quiet time.   A couple movies, a bunch of good meals, and a ton of goofiness.  Perfect.

What shape will my life take by this time next month?  Only God knows.  What I DO know is…

I’m ready.