I hate bullies

“Hate” is not a word I use very often because it is used by too many people to describe their feelings toward a person, place or thing that they dislike. To me, though, “Hate” is active, it is intentional, it is powerful, and much different than simple dislike. I will gently chide family and close friends who use it casually: “Do you really hate her?” And I find that, most times, they will correct themselves: “No, I don’t ‘hate’ her, but she just makes me so mad sometimes.”

But yes, I truly “Hate” bullies. It’s not the complete person I hate, it’s the active “Bully” in them that I hate.

Bully’s are proactive. Bully’s are relentless. They are selfish and cruel and illogical and without remorse. I don’t care if you’re a bully who says you are God-fearing, a bully who says they love their family, or a bully who gives generously to charities. True bully’s don’t do those positive things out of sincere, selfless impulse. Bully’s do positive things to paint over their dark deeds with bright colors as a salve to their conscience (IF they truly have a conscience) or to convince others that “I’m really a good person at heart.” It’s smoke and mirrors. It’s a lie.

I’m not going to go into the psychology of a bully or offer my explanation of why a bully bully’s others. Everyone’s path to becoming a bully is unique and deserves individual examination. I will say, though, that nothing excuses or justifies a bully’s behavior. Nothing! I feel pity for a persons upbringing, their childhood challenges, the abuses they may have experienced, but none of it justifies or excuses the actions of a bully. Nothing!