Just Begin… Again

There is never (and I DO mean NEVER!) an uninterrupted path to a goal.  Along the way, there will always be false starts, failures, obstacles, justifications, pain, weakness, mistakes, ego, shifts in priorities, selfishness (or lack, thereof), poor judgment, insufficient skill, injuries, temporary personal limits, lack of focus, exhaustion, poor planning, and a myriad of other boulders that will fall in your path to success.

For many – for MOST – one or more of these will serve to justify abandoning that goal.  They will be the convenient excuse to avoid the pain, discomfort, effort, and sacrifices that come with the achievement of most goals.  They can tell themselves, “I tried, but…” <insert reason>.  But the truth is, as long as you’re breathing, there is no real excuse to abandon a goal except “I quit!”  The term “I quit” is clearly a choice – a personal choice – to give up on your goal.  It’s no one else’s fault but yours.  You CHOSE to abandon your goal.  Now, if you can live with that, and live with it honestly, fine.

But the cold, honest truth of life is: to achieve goals, to realize dreams, you have to be able to tell yourself that you failed, but you DID NOT QUIT!  With every failure, you simply Begin Again.  Every obstacle that causes you to stop, to pause, to take a step backwards, are all entities that will add to the eventual value of achieving your goal.  Obstacles strengthen you, they make you wiser, and they teach you about yourself in ways that success NEVER will.

So, when you set a goal in front of you, KNOW that you will likely fail over and over again between start and finish.  Just remember that the most valuable key to attaining any goal is to constantly and repeatedly…