… or get off the pot!

I’ve written (said) this many times before:  I’m not a complicated guy.  And a clear signal of just how transparent I am came in the form of a recent text from my son.

He’s in the painful “Start-up” period of his new business: making unique, very specialized keyboards.  I’m only now learning how broad and intense that interest is and how overjoyed some are to throw serious money at it.  My son showed me pictures of a new keyboard he’s making just for me.  It’s got a beautiful bottom plate with the image of a lion on it, embossed in gold.  The size and format of the key-placements is supposed to be ultra-comfortable.  The keys, he says, will have a satisfying “click!” to them as I type.  And even more special, the keyset will be orange, my favorite color.

But what really made me pause was when he told me that he hoped the keyboard would serve as incentive to write more.

I love writing.  Both my kids know that I love writing.  But even being mister “Not Complicated Guy”, I’ve never really – truly – felt that anyone in the world completely understood how much I love writing.  I mean, I’m a writer that rarely writes.  That alone doesn’t do much to profess any serious love for writing.  But recent conversations with my daughter, and then that keyboard surprise from my son – both urging me to find my writing-Self again – inspire me to push that boulder back up the hill.

The reasons have become excuses, and that needs to end now.

The “Dad” in me has always felt it important to teach by example.  So, as the title says…


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